One of the advantages of an ECA education is the music department, with its many opportunities for students to develop their talents. Students have regular music classes as well as opportunities to perform in musicals and programs. Additionally, lessons in piano, instruments, and voice are available as space and faculty permit.Music Lesson Teachers

Instrument Lessons: Your son/daughter may be able take lessons in a band instrument, if they are in 4th grade or higher. The cost for instrument lessons is €185 per year (without rental). Lessons are available for the following band instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, cornet/trumpet, trombone, and snare drum. Wind instrument lessons receive priority in lesson scheduling. Guitar lessons may also be offered on a space-available basis.

Rental: The school has a limited number of instruments available for rental. Students who are currently renting instruments will have priority. The remaining instruments are available on a first come, first served basis. The charge for instrument rental with a lesson is €235 per year (185 without rental).

Piano lessons are also available beginning in 3rd grade. Preference is given to students already taking lessons, but new students may be added depending on scheduling. The cost for piano lessons is €235 per year, which includes the cost of instructional materials.

Voice lessons may be available at a cost of €185 per year. Voice lessons are scheduled after other lesson requests have been honored and are only available to high school students.

At this time, each student may only receive one lesson per week, either piano OR an instrument. If your child is interested in two things, or doesn't know what or how to choose, please contact us and we will speak with you and your child regarding this. Please call or write the music office if you have questions or would like further information.


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