Physical Education


Guidelines for attire and attendance: 

  1. Attendance
    1. Your presence and participation is required for every class session, unless you are sick or have an excused absence.
      1. All class absences will be made up outside of class.
      2. The make-up slip (see attached sample) must be filled out, signed by the student and parent and returned to the teacher within 5 days of the absence to receive credit.
      3. These slips may be obtained from the teacher.
      4. Failure to do make-up work will lower your grade.
      5. After 5 make-up slips, your teacher may require an additional written report on a topic selected by the teacher.
    2. Medical Excuse requirements
      1. A student may be excused from PE class, for medical purposes, for up to three days with a written excuse from a parent.
      2. A student that needs to be excused for more than this must have a written excuse from a medical doctor, trainer, or medical facility.
      3. This type of written excuse would cover a maximum of 10 class days. This 10-day period would be made up outside of class after the injury heals.
      4. All students will be required to make up a PE class that is missed due to absence or illness.
  1. Participation: non-participation will result in a “0” for that day. That includes if you come to class with inappropriate dress and are unable to participate as a result.
  1. Clothing: Uniforms must be paid for in person in the business office, and then picked up in the PE office by the end of the first week of school. The uniform consists of:
    1. Shirt & short set (required) - 15.00 €. A replacement uniform will cost 18.00 €.
    2. Athletic sweat suits may be worn over the uniform provided they are appropriately sized, in good condition, and the PE shirt is visible at the neck.
    3. Athletic shoes that tie or have Velcro straps are part of the uniform. Shoes such as deck shoes, sandals, hiking boots, dress shoes, and athletic shoes without laces that do not give proper support will not be allowed for safety reasons. Skate shoes (i.e. DC's, Vans, Chuck Taylors, etc) will not be permitted. The skate shoes that are in style are made for the sport of skateboarding; they are not made for running during physical education classes. The shoe is made with a flat sole for traction and strong construction; the biggest problem with the skate shoes are the lacing options that allow the shoes to fly off when doing any type of physical activity.
    4. Additional requirements: - Athletic socks must be worn - Jewelry is not to be worn - Please purchase a solid stick deodorant to keep in the school locker - It is expected that each student to take his/her clothes home weekly to be laundered.
           ** If a student does not meet the above stated dress code, he/she will receive a “0” for the day. Make up work will be assigned to earn back partial credit.
  1. Class time: You must be dressed and in class by no later than 3 minutes after the period start bell rings.



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