Graduation Requirements

The Board of Trustees requires a minimum of 23 credits in grades 9-12 to graduate. Also, the Board requires a minimum of 20 hours of Community Service (see handbook) for each year of high school (grades 9-12) attended at ECA.

ECA’s graduation requirements (also in handbook) are high enough to allow the student to enter most U.S. colleges with incoming subject requirements. However, the student is responsible to know what the requirements are for the college(s) s/he is interested in attending. If a student falls short of the requirements or fails a core course in the senior year, his/her graduation will be postponed.


ENGLISH (4 credits required)
*English 9, 10, 11(+), 12 (+)

MATH (3 credits required)
*Algebra I       *Algebra II
Calculus (#)

SOCIAL STUDIES (3.5 credits required)
*World History
Spanish History
*US History (or equivalent) (+)
*American Government (+) (.5 credits)
Comparative Government (+) (.5 credits)

SCIENCE (3 credits required)
Environmental      *Biology
Chemistry Physics (+)

(+) May be taken as Honors (5.0 scale) // (#) May be taken as “Advanced Placement” (AP)  (6.0 scale)

Courses that are the equivalent of 5 days a week for both semesters, receive 1 credit. Courses that are the equivalent of 5 days a week for half the year, or meet every other day, receive .5 credits. Students must take a minimum of 5.5 credits per year.


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