PayPal Fees

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Application Payment

ECA requires an application fee of 50 Euros per new applicant. 

  • Application fees must be paid through PayPal
  • No PayPal account is necessary if using the PayPal Guest Checkout
  • If application is received after July 1st, the fee is 100 Euros
  • You will see a charge from donations@ecaspain on your credit card


  1. Enter the name of your student in the box below.
  2. Change the 50 to 100 if paying after July 1st.

Once you click the Pay Now button below, a new window will open where you can complete your payment.


Pago de la solicitud

ECA requiere una tasa de inscripción de 50 euros por nuevo solicitante.

  • La tasa de inscripción se debe pagar con PayPal
  • No es necesaria una cuenta de PayPal si se utiliza PayPal Checkout para clientes
  • Si la solicitud es recibida después del 1 de julio, la tarifa es de 100 Euros
  • Verá un cargo de donaciones @ ecaspain en su tarjeta de crédito


  1. Escriba el nombre de su estudiante en el cuadro de abajo.
  2. Si paga después del 1 de julio, cambie los 50 a 100

Una vez que haga clic en el botón Pagar Ahora, se abrirá una nueva ventana donde podrá completar su pago.



Pay your registration fee now using PayPal Name:
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Transcript Request

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All transcripts for those graduating AFTER 1995 are available through the ACSI Global office

Transcripts for previous years are available from us and we will gladly forward a transcript of your records - simply let us know to whom it should be sent. Please send your request in writing to:

ECA Secretary
Evangelical Christian Academy
Calle La Manda 47
Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid), Spain
Or contact us by email for other options. Your first transcript is free and may be requested by e-mail. After that there will be a $15.00 fee for additional transcripts.


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We have been granted full accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as of February 2010. ACSI is recognized worldwide as an accrediting agency for Christian schools and often works in cooperation with Mid-States Accrediting Association, having similar academic requirements with additional requirements pertaining to a biblical perspective. While ECA is registered as an “Academy” in Spain, we are not recognized by the Spanish Department of Education as a “Colegio”.

In our more than 40 years of existence, we have never had a graduate whose diploma was rejected by a college or university in the United States. On the contrary, our graduates have gone on to schools of their choice, such as Oxford, Wheaton, Annapolis, Asbury, Moody, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Bob Jones, Cedarville, Liberty, Carson Newman, Covenant, etc.

We do not guarantee, however, that our diplomas will be recognized by countries other than the United States. Each country is unique in its high school level requirements, and we suggest that parents research these requirements before inadvertently limiting their children's options for higher education.

Admission FAQ's

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1. Can a student enroll during the current school year?

Yes, if accepted and there is availability in the appropriate grade level. We recognize that workers may move to Spain at times other than the summer, and we are used to accommodating students arriving midyear. Registration is open October 15 to December 15 for 2nd semester.

2. How do I register my student?

 For our Admission Application, click here.

3. What is the class size at ECA?

In the elementary school, classes average 8 to 12 students. In the middle and high school, classes average 12 students. There are currently about 97 students in grades K through 12.

4. Are payment plans available, or is the whole tuition amount due at one time?

Yes, payment options are available to day students and boarding students. Please contact the business manager for details.

5. Are scholarships offered?

We do not offer scholarships of any kind; however, students of full time Christian workers do receive a tuition discount, and students of participating sending agencies receive a greater discount.

6. Are textbooks included in the cost of tuition?

Yes, all textbook costs are covered in tuition.

7. What time do students need to arrive at school each day, and at what time are they released?

Classes begin at 9:10 daily.  Students may enter the building 15 minutes before classes begin. School ends at 4:00 daily. Students should be picked up at 4:00, and no later than 4:15 unless he or she is participating in an after-school club or music lesson.

8. Do you offer any classes in which students can earn college credit while attending ECA?

Yes, ECA offers both Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to prepare students for the AP exams given in May of each year. Most US colleges and universities award credit for exam scores of 3 or higher. Please contact us to find out more information about our current offerings.

9. Can my child participate in music and sports at ECA?

Yes, ECA offers music classes as well as private lessons, many of which can be scheduled during school hours. The sports program at ECA, as with most international schools, is not what you may be used to if you are coming from the United States as there are no other schools in the area with leagues in which ECA may participate. We do, however, offer after-school clubs with a variety of sports available. Parents may even come and participate in the after school sports!

10. I live outside the Madrid area. Does ECA offer a boarding program?

Yes, ECA does offer a boarding program through the school for high school students only.  Other students or families in this situation may be able to make arrangements with a local family through their church, sending agency, or other connection.

11. How do I find out how my student is doing in his or her classes?

ECA uses RenWeb, online software which allows you to view all of your child's grades at any time.  In addition, all teachers have email addresses posted in the school directory and on RenWeb.  You may contact your child's teachers at any time for an update.

Tuition & Fees

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The tuition schedule at ECA varies and is based on the grade of the student and a few other factors. Please contact the finance office at to calculate your tuition cost.



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