Project Needs

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We are currently identifying several project needs. Thank you to many people who have been a part of our "Dream Big" project. The court has been poured and it is currently in use! Praise the Lord!

Outdoor basketball court

Dream Big

In the spring of 2008, ECA began to cast the vision for the development of an athletic/multi-purpose facility on the school grounds. This project will be completed in several phases. Phase I is now complete as we have poured the floor, and added a retaining wall around the court. This provides a hard-surface court area for instruction in physical education. In addition to teaching students on a daily basis, the school is regularly used for many other community activities such as English outreach activities, youth events, community celebrations, and the meeting place of the Camarma evangelical church. An athletic/multi-purpose facility greatly enhances our ability to reach out to our community through sports, and musical events, summer camps for kids - all of which are of interest to Spaniards and an open door to building relationships. Any additional funds given to Dream Big will now be added to the Phase II aspect of the sports facility.

For donations of funds, physical goods, or property, please contact the school for further information - or view "How to Contribute".

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