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ECA Teacher Application Process

  1. Explore our website to become familiar with ECA.
  2. Complete the Prospective Teacher Profile on-line which includes information on the ECA Doctrinal and Position Statements. Examine these statements for agreement with your own.
  3. The Personnel Director will respond to your profile via E-mail.
  4. If you appear to be a candidate for service at ECA, you will be sent a link to complete the full “Teacher Application for Service.” Please be advised that when you submit this application, your references will be automatically contacted via E-mail.
  5. Once the application, transcripts, teacher certificate(s), references, and background check are received, a phone interview will be scheduled. This interview will be completed by the Personnel Director or an administrator.
  6. Upon completion of these steps, the file will be considered by a committee of the Board.

ECA has been staffed with volunteers for over 45 years. Each volunteer must secure their own funding, (we offer no salary) in order to keep tuition affordable for the Christian worker families which we serve. Check out these options and please contact us with your questions:

Individuals may come to ECA via one of two means:

A.   Independent, Self- Supporting (for service of 2 weeks to 6 months)

Those who are self-funded (retirement income, investments, savings, etc.) and have the endorsement of their local church, may apply to come directly to ECA for short-term service. The application process is done directly with ECA and may take one month.

B.   Through a Christian sending agency (for service of 6 months and longer)

This process is lengthier due to the various sending agency requirements and the process of raising funds (through pledges from churches, individuals, etc.). Application must be made with both the sending agency and with ECA. Generally this process takes from 3 months to 2 years.

Over the years ECA has partnered with many sending agencies to provide teachers for the school. The following links will provide direct access to the websites of some of these partner agencies.

Please prayerfully determine the sending agency through whom you would like to serve and you may begin the application process with them and with ECA simultaneously. Once you have been accepted by both the sending agency and ECA, you are free to begin securing your financial support. Your sending agency will be a tremendous help in coaching you through this process.

ECA shall not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin in the administration of admissions policies, educational policies or other school programs.


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