What’s the pay scale at ECA?

ECA does not pay salary or offer benefits to staff members. All of our staff serve as volunteers, each one required to secure their own prayer and financial support prior to joining us. This enables us to keep tuition affordable for the Christian worker families which we serve.

What does it cost to live in Spain? How much would I need to raise?

All of our staff come to us through Christian agencies, and each agency determines the monthly need for their staff in Spain. However, a ballpark figure for a single would be approximately $1,600 and for a family of four, it would be $5,000 per month.

How long will it take me to complete the application process and raise my support?

Generally the application process with both the Christian agency and ECA will take about 2 months. This allows time for follow up with references, processing through the various channels, and time for questions and answers to be communicated. Depending on the individual, the support raising process can take as few as several months or as long as several years. The Lord seems to bless some with good "connections" and churches, which enables the support to be pledged quickly - others take longer.

Would I need to know Spanish to teach at ECA?

While most of our staff have a working knowledge of Spanish, one can live in Spain and serve at ECA without knowing Spanish. All of our instruction at ECA is in English, and within a brief period of being in Spain – one can quickly pick up enough Spanish to care for basic needs (shopping, banking, travel, etc.). Many staff members decide to study Spanish on their own time with a private tutor.

Is ECA accredited?

ECA is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which is recognized worldwide as an accrediting agency for Christian Schools.


Teacher Applications

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We request that you first submit a Prospective Teacher Profile, telling us about yourself and your interest in teaching at ECA.

We will then contact you to talk about the next step in the application process. Thank you!

Student teachers: To view the Student Teacher Questionnaire (PDF format), click here. You can save the form in pdf format, but you must send it in by Email or fax to:

Fax: + (34) 91-886-6419
Email: personnel@ecaspain.com

For further information or questions please contact Cindy Hunter at: personnel@ecaspain.com

Evangelical Christian Academy
Calle La Manda 47
28816 Camarma de Esteruelas

ECA shall not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin in the administration of admissions policies, educational policies or other school programs.


Current Staff Needs

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Staffing Needs for 2018-2019 and Beyond:
We are currently accepting inquiries and applications for the following:
  • ELL
  • Secondary (MS/HS) English
  • Secondary Math
  • Secondary Science
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Art teacher (Grades 1-12)


ECA is a Christian school whereby all staff serve as volunteers in ministry (each must secure their own funding prior to joining us), keeping tuition affordable for the Christian worker families which we serve. 

ECA provides a quality Christian education for children whose parents minister in the Madrid area and in other parts of Europe and beyond. This is a key function of worker care which keeps families together, functioning more effectively in life and in ministry. You can be a part of spreading the Good News through your contribution to this very important ministry as a school teacher. If you have training in any of these areas and are willing for God to use you to impact young lives, please contact us.

After reading about ECA, please submit a brief profile telling us about yourself and your interest in teaching at ECA on our Prospective Teacher Profile.

For further information please contact Cindy Hunter at: personnel@ecaspain.com


Life at ECA

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Teaching is both a demanding and rewarding occupation. When teaching cross-culturally, the demands and rewards are both multiplied!

ECA is nestled in an agricultural valley in the town of Camarma de Esteruelas, located 20 miles NE of Madrid. Camarma boasts a population of 3,500, and maintains the "pueblo" feel of life in rural Spain.

Most of ECA’s staff live within 5 miles of the school, and come to work either by bike, car, or public transportation. Bus service to our town of Camarma is both safe and reliable. The town of Alcalá de Henares is only 5 miles away, with an estimated population of 200,000. Public transportation, grocery shopping, sight seeing – all can be done with ease, and while a basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful, it is not necessary.

Downtown Madrid is only 45 minutes away by train, where one can enjoy the sights and sounds of big city life. While life in Madrid is modern and convenient, one still faces the challenges of living in a cross-cultural context.

Is living in Spain difficult? Yes and no. Certainly one can find anything as far as modern conveniences, opportunity to travel, culinary options, and entertainment. The difficulty comes in feeling a part of Spanish culture and even understanding at times how and why others think the way they do. Most people find that the first 3-5 months are almost a "romance" with the culture and history of a European country. But that begins to fade and, as it does, the feeling of "Am I ever going to understand or be understood?" becomes an issue. Those working at ECA for a year or two will find that a couple of hours each week with a Spanish tutor or friend to focus on language and cultural adaptation will be a HUGE help. The danger of focussing completely on teaching responsibilities should be obvious, as it closes the door to possible ministries, friendships, and real life in a foreign country without which one can never really appreciate or adapt. Many teachers find that one year is not enough to begin to feel a part of life in Spain. A second year is rich with meaning as cultural connections, friendships and understanding deepen.


Steps for Application

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ECA Teacher Application Process

  1. Explore our website to become familiar with ECA.
  2. Complete the Prospective Teacher Profile on-line which includes information on the ECA Doctrinal and Position Statements. Examine these statements for agreement with your own.
  3. The Personnel Director will respond to your profile via E-mail.
  4. If you appear to be a candidate for service at ECA, you will be sent a link to complete the full “Teacher Application for Service.” Please be advised that when you submit this application, your references will be automatically contacted via E-mail.
  5. Once the application, transcripts, teacher certificate(s), references, and background check are received, a phone interview will be scheduled. This interview will be completed by the Personnel Director or an administrator.
  6. Upon completion of these steps, the file will be considered by a committee of the Board.

ECA has been staffed with volunteers for over 45 years. Each volunteer must secure their own funding, (we offer no salary) in order to keep tuition affordable for the Christian worker families which we serve. Check out these options and please contact us with your questions: personnel@ecaspain.com

Individuals may come to ECA via one of two means:

A.   Independent, Self- Supporting (for service of 2 weeks to 6 months)

Those who are self-funded (retirement income, investments, savings, etc.) and have the endorsement of their local church, may apply to come directly to ECA for short-term service. The application process is done directly with ECA and may take one month.

B.   Through a Christian sending agency (for service of 6 months and longer)

This process is lengthier due to the various sending agency requirements and the process of raising funds (through pledges from churches, individuals, etc.). Application must be made with both the sending agency and with ECA. Generally this process takes from 3 months to 2 years.

Over the years ECA has partnered with many sending agencies to provide teachers for the school. The following links will provide direct access to the websites of some of these partner agencies.

Please prayerfully determine the sending agency through whom you would like to serve and you may begin the application process with them and with ECA simultaneously. Once you have been accepted by both the sending agency and ECA, you are free to begin securing your financial support. Your sending agency will be a tremendous help in coaching you through this process.

ECA shall not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin in the administration of admissions policies, educational policies or other school programs.

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