Prospective Teacher FAQ's

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What’s the pay scale at ECA?

ECA does not pay salary or offer benefits to staff members. All of our staff serve as volunteers, each one required to secure their own prayer and financial support prior to joining us. This enables us to keep tuition affordable for the Christian worker families which we serve.

What does it cost to live in Spain? How much would I need to raise?

All of our staff come to us through Christian agencies, and each agency determines the monthly need for their staff in Spain. However, a ballpark figure for a single would be approximately $1,600 and for a family of four, it would be $5,000 per month.

How long will it take me to complete the application process and raise my support?

Generally the application process with both the Christian agency and ECA will take about 2 months. This allows time for follow up with references, processing through the various channels, and time for questions and answers to be communicated. Depending on the individual, the support raising process can take as few as several months or as long as several years. The Lord seems to bless some with good "connections" and churches, which enables the support to be pledged quickly - others take longer.

Would I need to know Spanish to teach at ECA?

While most of our staff have a working knowledge of Spanish, one can live in Spain and serve at ECA without knowing Spanish. All of our instruction at ECA is in English, and within a brief period of being in Spain – one can quickly pick up enough Spanish to care for basic needs (shopping, banking, travel, etc.). Many staff members decide to study Spanish on their own time with a private tutor.

Is ECA accredited?

ECA is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which is recognized worldwide as an accrediting agency for Christian Schools.