A successful 1st Quarter

It’s already been a few weeks since the 1st quarter officially ended, but I want to pause and thank God for what HE did to make the first quarter so impactful. Here are just a few of the ways:

  1. He brought highly qualified and experienced teachers to fill in for teachers like Mr. King (ELL) and Mr. Byerly (HS Science), who are on Home Assignment. We have been blessed with Ms. Suddarth and Mrs. Allen, who can only be here for less than 90 days, but have filled a huge hole during the time they have been with us. The next 10 days marks the end of their time with us – they will be missed!
  2. Both Elementary and Secondary Open Houses were well attended and gave families the opportunity to meet their students’ teachers and see for themselves what an answer to many prayers these teachers are!
  3. It is so encouraging to hear comments like this from our students, “Our teachers are amazing and it is obvious they love teaching and are really glad to be here!”
  4. Two of our students struggled with visa issues and arrived late, but both made it here before the 1st quarter ended.
  5. A new STEM course, called Aquaponics, was added to our curriculum.
  6. Middle School Outdoor Education Day (led by Mr. Smalley) was fabulous and God gave excellent weather for the event – look for pictures in the next edition of the ECA Connect.
  7. 10 students and 2 chaperones (Ms. Antonishek & Mr. Miller) attended the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in Hungary at the end of September and came back with an Action Plan that is being developed and will hopefully be implemented 2nd semester. Again, look for more information about SLC in the next ECA Connect.
  8. Our second year of MAP Growth testing took on a different format this year and was positively received by students and teachers alike – thanks to Mr. Fields for all his work to make it possible. Our teachers are pouring through the data and hoping to help our students make individual learning goals based on the results from these tests.
  9. A student teacher, Charissa McCormick from Grand Canyon University, arrived just as the quarter was ending and will be spending 8 weeks in the 2nd & 3rd grade classroom under the excellent supervision of Miss Young.
  10. We had to say good-bye to Ms Antonishek (for the rest of this year) as she returned to the US to spend time with family and raise support. We are so very thankful for her presence and support during the first quarter, which made the start of the school year possible. Fortunately, Miss Bredeman arrived before Ms. A had to leave and she is now serving as our new Guidance Counselor. If you have not made an appointment to meet her, please do!

The 2nd quarter is already underway with lots happening as we wrap up the 1st semester. Stay tuned for more details!

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