Teaching is both a demanding and rewarding occupation. When you teach cross-culturally, the demands and rewards are both multiplied!

ECA is nestled in an agricultural valley in the town of Camarma de Esteruelas, located twenty miles northeast of Madrid. Camarma boasts a population of 7,500 and maintains the “pueblo” feel of life in rural Spain.

Most of ECA’s staff live within five miles of the school and come to work either on foot or by bike, car, or public transportation. Bus service to our town of Camarma is both safe and reliable. The town of Alcalá de Henares, with an estimated population of 200,000, is only five miles away. Public transportation, grocery shopping, sightseeing—all can be done with ease, and while a basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful, it is not necessary.

Downtown Madrid, where one can enjoy the sights and sounds of big-city life, is only forty-five minutes away by train. While life in Madrid is modern and convenient, one still faces the challenges of living in a cross-cultural context.

Teaching at ECA gives you the opportunity to invest in students as individuals. Class sizes are small, so there are many opportunities to interact with the kids inside and outside the classroom, whether it be through Student Council activities, class parties, concerts and recitals, or school trips. We are always looking for qualified and committed teachers to come join our team!

“Serving at ECA is an investment not only in current missions movements, but also training future missionaries to share Christ in the century to come.” — ECA science teacher

“I love being able to facilitate the work of missionaries by educating their kids, AND I love encouraging my students to make the Christian faith their own.…We urgently need trained, experienced teachers every year! Some missionaries have told me that they would have had to leave the field were it not for the quality education ECA has to offer.” — ECA music and Bible teacher